Welcome to our DonorForce demo website. Come and test run the application. DonorForce was developed by Netwise Multimedia to help churches, ministries and NGO's to compete with commercial entities in gaining interest and receiving funds online. DonorForce is a complete online relational donor management system like nothing else out there.

Not only can you manage your donor member information, you can receive online financial gifts, for projects and campaigns; and observe donor giving patterns and history too.

 The following is a list of features already included in DonorForce.

  • Add projects to the front end of the website for potential donors to read about and give to.
  • Donation plugin can be placed directly into articles making it easy to tailor your website to your needs.
  • A list of projects with links for giving can be set up on.
  • Easy giving through Snapscan (Standard Bank) or Zapper (FNB)
  • Easy giving form for anonymous donations off your website.
  • Registration and sign up of donors in the front and back end for easy donor management.
  • Automated e-mailing of thank you letters and receipts (Standard or Section 18A) for donors who have given to projects through the front end.
  • Re-issue of thank you letters and receipts where the donor has lost these documents.
  • Donor and gift re-allocation where records were incorrectly allocated and where projects have been abandoned due to lack of support.
  • Donors can add multiple project subscriptions to a single debit order.
  • Donations can be once off special gifts, via debit card or credit card; or regular giving by recurring debit order; or bequest notifications.
  • Recording of Gifts in Kind (eg motor cars, clothing, food) for donors
  • Back End Donor Management section which records donor information, donation history and regular giving a history of donations made by the donor.
  • Donor level listing - indicates which are your larger donors.
  • Donor Club memberships
  • Debit orders and recurring payments can be added and managed in the back end. Customisation for specific banking requirements possible
  • Debit orders run by your bank can be imported and processed
  • Bulk donation management through importing of electronic statements from all the major banks in South Africa
  • Donors can be marked active or non-active in their giving.
  • Debit order runs can be exported for use with most major South African banks.
  • Paygate is used to process transactions.  Other payment gateways can be used.
  • Reports on giving and project funding levels can be extracted for meetings.

So, why not test drive it for yourself. Go and select a Project and make a "special gift" donation. Your credit card not be needed for the transaction. Please use the following information when asked to submit your credit card information.

Name: Piet Pompies

Credit Card Number: 4000000000000002

Expiry Date: 01/2025

CVV: 111

Then Click on the Backend menu item for images of the back end management system.


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